New webinar explores grief as a manifestation of love

"Grief is the form love takes when we lose someone we love."

Love is the bedrock of grief and its guiding light as people find pathways through the pain of loss and remake their lives. However, for an important subgroup of bereaved people, troubling thoughts and feelings, problematic behaviors or inadequate support occurs and blocks the pathway, resulting in the development of complicated grief. Join ADEC and Dr. Katherine Shear for this webinar that will provide a framework for thinking of grief as the form love takes a loved one dies, describe how complicated grief develops, and outline the principles and strategies used in its treatment. Register now for this event coming up this Wednesday, October 15. 


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Thanatology is the study of death among human beings. ADEC members are professionals with specialized education in dying, death and bereavement, or whose professional responsibilities include working with the dying and/or bereaved. Here are some helpful resources that we offer for the public:

  • Find a Specialist: Use this directory to find a specialist by area of expertise, geographic setting or profession.
  • Coping with Loss: Coping with loss is often a difficult journey. ADEC has compiled these resources for individuals experiencing a death-related loss or for those seeking to help others.
  • ADEC Forum archive: The Forum is ADEC's professional publication and a source of cutting-edge material on thanatology. Issues older than three years are publicly available.
  • Other organizations: View a list of helpful organizations that all offer services related to grief, bereavement, death and dying.

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