This week's webinar explores use of metaphor in clinical work

Grievers often use metaphors to describe their experience. It is important for would-be helpers to pay attention to the particular metaphors a grieving person chooses. In this new webinar from ADEC featuring Janice Nadeau, PhD, LP, LMFT, RN, FT, participants will hear about a model for analyzing metaphors, incorporating them into clinical practice, and working within a given metaphor to lessen suffering and promote healthy grieving. Register now for this event coming up this Wednesday, September 17. 


Application deadline for ADEC's Certification in Thanatology is Sep. 17

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ADEC’s certification program is designed for a wide range of professionals who work with and study those affected by death and dying. When you earn Certification in Thanatology, you demonstrate your in-depth knowledge of the dying and grief process, and validate your professionalism, persistence and commitment to the field.

Act now: the deadline to apply for this year's exam is September 17. Learn what's necessary to submit your application.

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