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ADEC is seeking applications for two student award programs: the 2016 Student Paper Awards and 2016 Student Conference Scholarships. Read more about the criteria for both awards and the application process. Applications are due in December.

Members of the Student and New Professionals Division at the ADEC 36th Annual Conference in Baltimore, April 2014. 


Congratulations to the winners of ADEC's student awards at the 2016 Annual Conference in Minneapolis:

Graduate Paper Award, established in memory of Richard Kalish
Alana Julia Kingsley
“Child and Adolescent Grief and Bereavement”

Cross-Cultural Paper Award Winner, dedicated to the memory of Dr. Hannelore Wass
Bryan E. Wright
“Exploring the Tradition of Funerary Shrouding Across Cultural Perspectives”

2016 Student Scholarship Award winners

Rebecca Ablad
Jamison Bottomley
Jamie Dangerfield
Daniella Markowski
Anna Mayo
Casey Smith
Laura Smith
Xi Tian
Sara Troupe
Farah Aslanzadeh
Mae-Lynn Germany
Peter Hauge
Annalise John
Alana Kingsley
Damita SunWolf LaRue
Chye Hong Liew
Danielle Valdez
Rachel Weiskittle



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