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Issue  Professional Development Theme 
Vol. 42, Issue 3 July   CURRENT ISSUE ADEC 2016 Annual Conference
Vol. 42, Issue 2 March    Twin Loss
Vol. 42, Issue 1 January   
40th Anniversary Edition
Vol. 41, Issue 4 December Blast into the Past
Vol. 41, Issue 3 August 
ADEC 2015 Annual Conference
Vol. 41, Issue 2 May   Student Death and Military End-of-Life Planning
Vol. 41, Issue 1 January/February  
Vol. 40, Issue 4 October
Beyond the Walls: Grief Camps and Programming
Vol. 40, Issue 3 July
ADEC 2014 Annual Conference — Riding the Dragon: End of Life and Grief as a Path to Resilience, Transformation and Compassion
Vol. 40, Issue 2 April 
Violent Death and Loss
Vol. 40, Issue 1 January   Suicide
Vol. 39, Issue 4 October   The Art of Condolence
Vol. 39, Issue 3 July Choose: High-Res version (7.4MB) or Low-Res version (3.8MB) Please allow for slow downloading. ADEC 2013 Annual Conference — Reframing Images of Grief: Identity Transformation Through Loss
Vol. 39, Issue 2 April   Death, Loss and Grief in the Future
Vol. 39, Issue 1 January   Grief and the Family
Vol. 38, Issue 4 October   Disenfranchised Grief and Ambiguous Loss
Vol. 38, Issue 3 July   ADEC 2012 Conference: Being a Healing Presence in a Hurting World
Vol. 38, Issue 2 April   Adolescents and Young Adults Facing Death and Grief
Vol. 38, Issue 1 January   Family/Friend Circles in Caregiving and in Grief
Vol. 37, Issue 4 October   2011 Joint Conference of ADEC and the International Conference on Grief and Bereavement in Contemporary Society
Vol. 37, Issue 3 June/July   Social Justice and International Issues
Vol. 37, Issue 2 April   Public Disasters and Public Death
Vol. 37, Issue 1 January   Thanatology and the Arts
Vol. 36, Issue 4 October    Historical Perspectives in Thanatology
Vol. 36, Issue 3 July   32nd Annual Conference
Vol. 36, Issue 2 April End-of-Life Issues for the Elderly
Vol. 36, Issue 1 January Care of the Dying
Vol. 35, Issue 4 October Resilience, Coping, Meaning Making
Vol. 35, Issue 3 July
ADEC 31st Annual Conference: Three Voices of Vision
Vol. 35, Issue 2 April
Diversity in Thanatology
Vol. 35, Issue 1 January
Parental Grief
Vol. 34, Issue 4 October
Death by Chocolate
Vol. 34, Issue 3 July
2007 Annual Conference: Hope Amid a Triad of Trauma
Vol. 34, Issue 2 April
Father Loss
Vol. 34, Issue 1 January
International Issues on Loss
Vol. 33, Issue 4 October
Adoption: Loss and Grief
Vol. 33, Issue 3 July
2007 Annual Conference
Vol. 33, Issue 2 April
Pet Loss
Vol. 33, Issue 1 January
Bridging Research and Practice
Vol. 32, Issue 4 October/November/December
The Uses of the Internet and Death
Vol. 32, Issue 3 July/August/September
War and Death
Vol. 32, Issue 2 April/May/June  Spirituality and Death
Vol. 32, Issue 1 January/February/March
Sibling Grief


Vol. 31, Issue 4 October/November/December  Innovative Bereavement Rituals
Vol. 31, Issue 3 July/August/September  Group Methods in Thanatology
Vol. 31, Issue 2 April/May/June  Media and Death
Vol. 31, Issue 1 January/February/March  End of Life
Vol. 30, Issue 4 October/November/December 

Losses from Cancer

Vol. 30, Issue 3 July/August/September  International Members
Vol. 30, Issue 2 April/May/June  Perinatal Loss
Vol. 30, Issue 1 January/February/March  Update on Death Education
Vol. 29, Issue 4 October/November/ December  Losses from HIV/AIDS
Vol. 29, Issue 3 July/August/ September  Public Servants Dealing with Death
Vol. 29, Issue 2 April/May/June  Expressive Arts in Bereavement
Vol. 29, Issue 1 January/February/March  Grandparent's Grief

Past Issues
PDFs of the following issues are not available.

Issue  Professional Development Theme 


Circle of Mourning
Grief and Loss in the Workplace
Certification Process
July/August/September Palliative Care
October/November/December Support for Grieving Children & Adolescents


January/February ADEC's 25th Anniversary
March/April Telling of Stories: Tools for Healing
July/August Death Education
September/October Bullying: Relationship to Violence
November/December A Response to Terrorism


January/February Youth Violence
March/April Spirituality
May/June Suicide
July/August Death of an Adult Friend
September/October Barriers to Quality Care
November/December Aftercare

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