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ADEC does not endorse any of the individuals listed nor do we make any judgment about the appropriateness of any therapist for your particular needs. The people on the list have shown enough interest in the field of thanatology (the study of death and dying) to join the Association for Death Education and Counseling® and to opt into this directory.

ADEC makes no attempt to verify the credentials, background or qualification of its members except those who are Certified in Thanatology (CT) or are a Fellow in Thanatology (FT).

You are encouraged to contact appropriate local licensing bodies, which may be able to provide you with information regarding individual practitioners. Gather your own information about the level of skill, interest, licensure, experience and/or other qualities of the people listed as you make your decision about these professionals. ADEC takes no responsibility for any decisions you make, nor do we take responsibility for the outcome of any decisions you make.

The results of this or any search here may not be added to any database or mailing list; the information may not be used for any form of solicitation or promotion regardless of whether or not it is for a commercial, charitable, or other non-profit use. Information from it may not be used for any commercial purpose whatsoever.

By clicking the "Find a Specialist" button and carrying out your search, you indicate your understanding and acceptance of these terms and conditions.

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