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We are so glad you want to be an active part of ADEC. Here are some of the options, but if you have a special skill or background please let us know. It's our goal to match our volunteers with areas that need their skills. Don't know what you want to do, just tell us what interests you and we'll be in contact.

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Audit/Finance Committee
The purpose of this committee is to oversee the financial performance of ADEC. The scope of responsibilities includes review of annual organizational budgets, financial reports, investment performance, and to function as the annual audit committee.

Annual Campaign

Body of Knowledge Committee
The Body of Knowledge committee defines and monitors the core knowledge considered necessary to practice as a certified thanatologist. This core body of knowledge is what the credentialing test committee draws from to develop exam questions for the credentialing exam.

Conference Support Task Force
Help identify and solicit individuals/organizations to financially support our annual conference

Concurrent Session Review Committee
To review concurrent sessions and posters for the annual conference.

Fellow (FT®)
A designation indicating an advanced level of education, training and experience in Thanatology: Death, Dying and Bereavement.

Test Committee
Responsible for creating, updating and maintaining a list of psychometrically valid questions for the certification examination.

Item Writing
Responsible for writing test items for the certification examination.

Recertification Committee
Reviews and suggest modification of criteria for recertification. Monitors the evaluation of recertification.

Distance Education Committee
Expand educational offerings beyond the annual conference through the development of web-based and other appropriate types of learning opportunities.

Ethics and Professional Standards
Establishes the criteria for the standards and practices of the Association and its implementation.

International Advisory Council
To reach the world on important topics and events regarding death education and counseling

Media Relations Committee
The Media Relations Committee will develop policies and resources to respond to media inquiries. The committee will make recommendations to the executive committee regarding current events relevant to the mission and purpose of the organization that merit an organizational response. The committee will develop strategies to train ADEC members to effectively respond to media requests for information and to assist them in promoting ADEC as an organization and a resource.

Membership Recruitment and Development Committee
The MRDC's functions are recruitment and retention of new and current members outlined in the ADEC Bylaws, Article III.

New Member Welcoming and Mentoring
The New Member Welcoming and Mentoring Committee welcome new members to the organization through mailings and activities at the ADEC conference (e.g., booth, meeting). In addition, the committee oversees the matching of new members with mentors who are more long-standing members of the organization.

Networking Groups Committee
Supports the establishment and maintenance of ADEC networking groups, which offer opportunities for information exchange, collegial interaction and support based on specific professional and/or personal areas of interest/expertise.

People of Color/Multicultural Forum
Recruitment and retention of people of color in ADEC. It provides a forum of support for people of color/people interested in issues related to culture and a resource to ADEC on matters related to culture and diversity in death, dying, and grief

Planned Giving Committee
The planned giving committee will oversee the development and implementation of a plan for soliciting large donations from current ADEC members.

Professional Development Committee
This committee oversees pre-conference course content ,does the search and screening of prospective course instructor and submits proposed courses and course instructors to ADEC Board. It then acts as liaison between the instructors and the ADEC Management Service to ensure that the pre-conference courses operate smoothly and ensures that the ADEC Management Service sends contracts and other paper work to the course instructors.

Public Death Education Committee
Advance the educational mission of ADEC to the public by reviewing the "public" content of the website, provide training to members and other interested professionals to enhance their ability to provide death education to the public, and to develop resources for members to that end.

Retired Member Task Force
The purpose of this task force is to determine the feasibility and advisability of a retired membership status and to determine the criteria and benefits that would be associated with that membership.

Scientific Advisory Committee
The purpose of the SAC is to provide scientific advice to the ADEC executive committee and the ADEC board regarding relevant scientific developments within the field of thanatology. In addition, the panel will offer information to ADEC members about scientific findings that are particularly relevant to practice within the field of thanatology. The SAC will also serve as a general resource regarding scientific developments within the field of thanatology that have implications for ADEC's practice and policies and serve as a general resource to the organization.

Specialty Workshops
Oversees selection through submitted abstracts for the annual ADEC conference and recommends Specialty Workshops to the conference co-chairs. The purpose of this committee is to choose workshops that would interest people in attending the conference early and to provide further educational opportunities.

Student Paper Awards Committee
The purpose of the committee is to recognize and promote scholarly work by students in the area of death, dying and bereavement.

Student Scholarship Committee
The purpose of the committee is to promote student involvement in ADEC through financially supporting their attendance at the annual conference.

Student Initiative Committee
The SIC aims to (a) encourage networking among student members, (b) enhance student member retention, (c) recruit new student members, and (d) promote students' visibility within the ADEC community.

Links interested ADEC members with opportunities for serving on committees, which are essential in meeting the needs of the membership and for the successful operation of the Association.

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