We're delighted to announce the launch of the brand-new! We’ve streamlined a lot of the content and features, and we hope you will take this opportunity to check some of them out!

Members can log into the site and access members-only content through the new section called My ADEC, or via the "Sign In" button at the top of the page. This is your gateway to managing your profile, accessing exclusive content, renewing your dues and registering for events with your member discount.

Note: Please update your bookmarks! Because we’ve moved the site to a new platform, any interior pages of the website you have bookmarked will be outdated. In addition, links from ADEC emails or newsletters sent prior to the site's launch will no longer work as well. If you’re looking for internal pages on the new site, use the Search box at the top of any page.

So, what's new?


Our new "across the top" menu houses most of the same content from the old ADEC site, but in a more streamlined fashion. Fewer links means it should be easier for you to find what you’re looking for. Each top-level menu item has its own page, but it also opens up a selection of links below. Those same secondary links will appear on the right side of the page as an additional menu when you are within a section. (For example, if you click on "Earn Certification," all the links related to that section will appear on the pages of that section as you browse them.)

Our Distance Education section has been renamed Continuing Education – it’s the first link in the menu, and it’s where you’ll find all of the programs and offerings that offer CE credit. The new My Online Learning portal is where you can access webinar recordings, evaluations for CE credit, and a record of your continuing education activities with ADEC.

There's also a new menu heading called Help for the Grieving, which includes the sections called “Coping with Loss” on the old site. These pages are intended for practitioners and lay people alike to locate useful resources from around the Web on a variety of topics in thanatology. And the "About ADEC" section has been renamed Discover ADEC, inviting new visitors to our site to discover all that ADEC has to offer.

Another way we've made navigating the site easier is the Quick-Links Menu, located at the right-hand side of the page. The links in the light-grey shaded box take you to commonly used features or tasks on the ADEC website. You’ll see them move to every page with you for easy access. (This includes a new ADEC Store, where you’ll be able to more easily buy our products.)

And to return to the homepage, just click the large ADEC logo in the banner across the top of every page!

As you browse the site, you will see links to all of this and much more. Please explore the main menu running across the top of the homepage and secondary menus underneath them. If you have any questions about the new site, please reach out to the staff.