Fellow in Thanatology (FT®)

"Becoming certified in thanatology means you’ve mastered the body of knowledge and demonstrated that mastery through a comprehensive exam. It’s not a qualification, license or degree, but rather a reflection of an individual’s professionalism, persistence and commitment to the field.”

Helen Stanton Chapple, PhD, RN, MA, CT, assistant professor, Omaha, NE

The Fellow in Thanatology (FT®) is an advanced professional certification for thanatology professionals. It recognizes practitioners and educators in the discipline of death, dying, and bereavement who have met specified knowledge requirements measured through a standardized testing process and who demonstrate advanced levels of competency in teaching, research and/or clinical practice through a professional portfolio.

Congratulations to the individuals who earned the prestigious Fellow in Thanatology in 2016!

Eligibility Criteria for Fellow in Thanatology

Please note: As you may know, ADEC has moved to a new management company. The application for Fellow in Thanatology has not changed other than you may now send your application to the new address: 400 S. 4th Street, Ste. 754E, Minneapolis, MN 55415. If you sent it to the old address it will be forwarded to us. The application deadline has not changed. It is still September 8, 2017. If you find you are unable to meet this deadline, specifically due to issues with the change in management, you may request a short extension on this deadline by e-mailing adec@adec.org

Download the Word document or fillable PDF of the FT (with CT) Candidate Information Bulletin 2017 (application)

Download the Word document or fillable PDF of the FT (without CT) Candidate Information Bulletin 2017 (application)

  • Master's/doctorate degree
  • Five years of experience in the field of thanatology
  • Two letters from a supervisor or colleague familiar with the candidate's work
  • Verification of education and experience
  • The foundation level Certification (CT®) in ADEC*
  • A minimum of 12 units on the professional portfolio with complete documentation

* Individuals who have not earned the CT certification may apply for Fellow in Thanatology, but are required to successfully pass the CT exam.

If you're a holder of ADEC's Certified in Thanatology credential, read the FT® Candidate Information Bulletin (with CT®)  for more information on working towards the Fellow in Thanatology. If you haven't earned Certification in Thanatology, learn about the Certification Exam and Fellow status by reading the FT® Candidate Information Bulletin (without CT®).

For additional certification information or to prepare for the Certification Exam, including fees for CT®, FT® and recertification, refer to the Candidate Information Bulletin or check the FAQ page before contacting ADEC's Credentialing Administrator.

Fees for Fellow in Thanatology for those holding ADEC's Certification in Thanatology:
ADEC Member Rate – $305
Nonmember Rate – $460
View a list of individuals who have earned Fellow in Thanatology status.

The Certification in Thanatology denotes special education and training in the field. Obtaining and maintaining this certification makes no statement regarding the holder’s competency in practice, nor does it constitute licensure. It is ADEC’s policy to take action regarding any known misrepresentation of the FT by a certificant or by others.