Certification in Thanatology (CT®)


“The CT isn’t easy to get; it’s a difficult test that requires a lot of studying. When our employees take the test and pass it, they know they’ve accomplished something significant.”

Kathie M. Green, MA, CT, clinical educator, Fort Myers, FL

Certification in Thanatology (CT®) is a foundation certification that is designed to enhance professional knowledge and promote excellence in the field of thanatology. It recognizes a specific educational background in dying, death and bereavement, combined with experience in the field.

Congratulations to the individuals who earned ADEC's Certification in Thanatology in 2016!

Eligibility Criteria for Certification in Thanatology (CT®)

Please note:
As you may know, ADEC has moved to a new management company. The application for Certification in Thanatology has not changed other than you may now send your application to the new address: 400 S. 4th Street, Ste. 754E, Minneapolis, MN 55415. If you sent it to the old address it will be forwarded to us. The application deadline has not changed. It is still September 8, 2017. If you find you are unable to meet this deadline, specifically due to issues with the change in management, you may request a short extension on this deadline by e-mailing adec@adec.org

Download the Word document or fillable PDF of the CT Candidate Informational Bulletin 2017 (application) 

To apply to take the certification exam, applicants must have:

  1. A bachelor's degree (include transcript) and two years of verified related experience, or a master's or doctorate (include transcript) and one year of verified related experience
  2. 60 documented contact hours* in thanatology and related topics
  3. Letters of support from supervisors or colleagues.

* 60 documented contact hours are defined as education in thanatology or specific topics identified in the CT® Content Outline in the Candidate Information Bulletin. You must provide documentation for these hours.  

Application Deadline – September 8, 2017

CT Examination – November 4, 2017

Educational Experience Requirement

The 60 documented contact hours may be earned through university courses (one three-credit semester course is equivalent to 45 contact hours) or workshops. Educational experiences from any accredited institution will be accepted if they are independently documented by letter or certificate. Courses or workshops by various organizations will also be accepted. ADEC offers workshops and courses as pre-conference activities at its annual conference. See the Continuing Education pages for listings of ADEC opportunities, as well as a listing of other programs that are pre-approved for credit towards the CT.

For more information or to prepare for the Certification Exam, read the Candidate Information Bulletin . For additional certification information, please review the FAQ section before contacting ADEC's Credentialing Administrator

Certification in Thanatology Application Fees
ADEC Member Rate – $360
Nonmember Rate – $520

Please note: paying the certification fee or becoming certified by ADEC is not equivalent to becoming an ADEC member. ADEC members pay a reduced fee for certification, and nonmembers are encouraged to join the association to immediately take advantage of reduced certification fees.

View a list of individuals who have earned Certified in Thanatology status.

The Certification in Thanatology denotes special education and training in the field.  Obtaining and maintaining this certification makes no statement regarding the holder’s competency in practice, nor does it constitute licensure. It is ADEC’s policy to take action regarding any known misrepresentation of the CT by a certificant or by others.