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Understanding the ADEC Logo

The ADEC logo consists of two ancient Chinese symbols, the yin and yang superimposed on the sacred disk. The yin yang depicts the interfacing of universal characteristics.

Yin represents shade, passive, weak, composure, negative, destructive, impressionability, wintriness, moon, earth, night, water, cold, dampness, darkness, motionless (death), low, common and vice.

Yang represents light, positive, active, strong, motive force, constructive, summerlike, sun, heaven, day, fire, heat, dryness, motion (life), high, noble and virtue.

From yin and yang all things come to be.

The sacred disk is an ancient symbol in many cultures for the universe. In Chinese thought it stands for the eight major directions of the compass.

Source: Chinese Folk Designs,  by Hawley and Seyssel