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Member Ambassadors

Being a Member Ambassador

You can be an ADEC member ambassador, simply by encouraging others to join the association:

  • Bring flyers to a meeting you're hosting or attending.
  • Include a promotional slide in your next presentation.
  • Send a brochure to a colleague who isn't a member yet.
"I rely on the interdisciplinary background of ADEC and the diversity of information related to end-of-life care for the dying and bereaved that it offers. This information is coming through the lens of multiple professional eyes and mouths, versus only a hospice or a chaplain or a counselor, which in turn helps me grow professionally."

- Michelle Ramirez, MS, CT

Resources for member ambassadors

Download these, print them out for distribution, and encourage others to join ADEC!

"In the quest of health care organizations toward evidence-based practice, ADEC is the best source for the bridge between research and practice. We even have an endowed speaker at every year's conference whose sole job is to address that issue!"
- William Hoy, DMin, FT