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Credentialing Oversight​

Credentialing Oversight

Credentialing Administrator

            Leslie Johnson, Credentialing Administrator:


Isaiah Allen, Executive Director

Customer Service:


Association for Death Education and Counseling

            400 S. 4th Street Ste. 754E

            Minneapolis, MN  55415

            Phone:  612-337-18008


            Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM CST


Credentialing Council

  • History:In 2011, the ADEC membership voted to establish an autonomous Credentialing Council to oversee, administer and maintain the credentialing process for ADEC.

    Past Chair:  Helen Chapple, PhD, RN,MA, MSN, CT (2011-2014)


  • Mission:Our mission is to verify and affirm expertise in the field of thanatology. As ADEC promotes excellence and recognizes diversity in the field, the Credentialing Program encourages a strong foundation for practice and recognizes professional achievement. Through this work, the Credentialing Program supports the advancement of thanatology.


  • Structure:Credentialing Council members serve staggered, three year terms and may serve 2 consecutive terms. They volunteer their time and expertise in serving on the Council, its committees and task forces.


The Council is comprised of at least seven voting members representing the various constituencies served by the credentialing program: four credentialed members (with at least one of those holding the FT), a non ADEC member representing the general public, an individual representing the community of potential employers, and a council chairperson (who must hold either the CT or FT).


  • Members:



                Greg Adams, LCSW, ACSW, FT (2017-2020, 2nd term)

Secretary and CT Representative
                Brianne Overton, MEd, MA, CT, LPC (2019-2022, 2nd term)

Treasurer and CT Representative

                Nancy Moreau Battaglia, MBA, D.TATI, FT, RP (2018-2021, 2nd term)

FT Representative
                Pamela Gabbay, EdD, FT (2018-2021,1st term)

CT Representative
                Jolene Formaini, RN, MA, CT (2017-2020, 2nd term)

Public Representative
                Emory Martin (2018-2021, 1st term)


Employer Representative
                Joelle Osterhaus, MSW, LCSW, LICSW, ACHP-SW  (2019-2022, 1st term)

Exam Management Representative (ex officio, non-voting)
                Monique B. Mitchell, PhD, FT


  • Credentialing Council Committees with Oversight Responsibilities


Exam Management Committee:  Oversees the development, administration, and analysis of exam


Item Writers Committee:  Writes and references test questions for the exam


Exam Construction Committee:  Constructs the exam


Application Review Committee:  Reviews CT and FT applications and Renewals


Appeals Committee:  Reviews and renders decisions on appeals


Audit Committee:  Conducts periodic random audits of renewals