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Donate to ADEC

Thank you, in advance, for your generosity in supporting the Association for Death Education and Counseling. Your donation will help ADEC fulfill its mission and priorities in the field of thanatology. 

All contributions are tax-deductible and can be made easily and securely through the website. To make your donation, please click on the link to the fund you wish to donate to below. 

The following are the funds and priorities to which you may designate your contribution:

The General Fund – This is exactly as it states: a contribution to help fund ADEC in its general daily expenditures. This not only helps with the day-to-day running of the organization, but also helps support the Annual Conference.

Public Education – ADEC continually strives to advance the educational mission of ADEC through the provision of death education to the public. Financial resources are needed to enhance the public content of the website, provide training opportunities for members at the annual conference and online, and to develop resources that can be used by ADEC members and others in public death education efforts. 

The Endowment Fund – We hope to build up this new fund in order to provide stability for future interests and purposes. The principal would remain invested, while interest/dividends only may be used yearly by the ADEC Board for needs and projects that will enhance the purpose and mission of the association. Donations to this fund can be made by bequest, planned gift, endowment or donation. 

Research Support – In the past, the Board has sponsored a grant program that awarded funds for a study designed to evaluate the effectiveness of educating law enforcement officers about best practices in death notification. This grant was an effort by ADEC to promote integration of theory and research findings to promote improvement in care of the dying and the bereaved. It is research initiatives such as this grant program that ADEC is looking to support. 

Student Scholarships – This fund supports student conference scholarships, allowing students of thanatology who may not otherwise afford to attend the Annual Conference an opportunity to do. ADEC would like to expand this program to bring even more students to our conferences than we already do and ensure they gain everything necessary to remain in our field as fully involved members of the association. Support students interested in a career in thanatology with your donation!

Planned Giving

You may also choose to make a planned gift to ADEC, or include the association as a beneficiary in your will. Planned giving allows you to keep your values alive and active through the workings of the association after you’re gone. It allows you to make a substantial donation to ADEC now without depleting your day-to-day income or retirement assets.

Learn more about making a planned gift