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Indicator Descriptors

Indicator Descriptors

Cultural/Socialization concerns the effect of diverse cultural and social influences on the experience of death and loss.

Religious/Spiritual addresses the relationship that religious and spiritual belief systems have on the reaction to and coping with dying and bereavement.

Professional Issues deal with the factors that affect professionals' training, abilities and responsibilities in providing care to persons who are dying or bereaved.

Historical Perspective views the historical context, developments, and theoretical paradigms that influenced the death experience and in the development of the field of thanatology.

Contemporary Perspective provides the theoretical perspective, factual context and other factors which have influenced the current perspectives on the death experience and the field of thanatology.

Life Span considers the developmental perspectives on death and dying from the prenatal period to old age.

Institutional/Societal perspectives relate to the social organizations and institutions beyond the individual and family that affect the experience of dying, death and bereavement.

Family and Individual addresses the social, cognitive, physical, interpersonal, and emotional encounters, theories and interpretations of dying, death and bereavement from the standpoint of one's position within the group of people sharing a relational bond, commitment and who define themselves as "family."

Resources and Research involves materials, organizations and groups of individuals who study and facilitate the acquisition of knowledge. Moreover, resources involve the ideas and materials based upon the findings of empirical research and theoretical synthesis that add to the knowledge base of thanatology.

Ethical/Legal pertains to the aspects of dying, death or bereavement that concerns the principles of justice, fairness, and the determination of ethically appropriate options. Legal issues refer to the articulated laws of a society that pertain to thanatology.