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Together We Mourn

Together we mourn…
Together we mourn the death of Mr. George Floyd. 
Together we mourn the deaths of countless, yet not nameless, others.
Together we mourn the non-death losses others have experienced in the aftermath of Mr. Floyd’s murder.
Together we mourn that the family of Mr. Floyd needed to push their grief aside in an attempt to bring healing and peace to those hurting for what this death represents.

Together we mourn that racism and prejudice is not a thing of the past, but a clear and incredibly present danger in our society, both explicitly and implicitly.
We do not just grieve these deaths and non-death losses, but we mourn. Together. Symbolically, through public rituals and memorials. As each of us is working with our clients, our patients, our students, and our own families - now - more than ever, we may feel or be isolated.
But know this, you are not alone. We are an association, a community, and a professional family, and we stand together. We stand for one another. And we stand for all of humanity. We stand against discrimination, racism, and injustice.

ADEC strives to be inclusive of all, and we seek fairness in how every single person is treated. To this end we have recently focused on rebuilding our Diversity committee, using individual peer-to-peer mentorship whenever possible, and by encouraging participation of members in leadership roles to ensure all voices are represented, and heard. 

Call to Action

Are you looking to education yourself and your peers? Perhaps you want to make a donation to support organizations who support communities of color? Perhaps you're not sure how you can support the #BlackLivesMatter movement. Here are some resources to help you.  This list is by no means complete, it simply provides ideas to get you started.